Campos del Sol

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Northern Atacama Region, Chile
Chile has established aggressive climate goals in keeping with its desire to be known as South America’s clean energy leader. These include phasing out coal by 2040 and being carbon neutral by 2050. A recent Valmont Solar project, in collaboration with Enel Green Power, has begun commissioning for the largest solar plant in the country.
Semi-Remote Desert
34,800 Convert-2P Single-Axis Solar Trackers
Enel Green Power, Andina, TCI, Ventus, Sungrow
Valmont Solar Commissioning the Largest Plant in Chile
“The world is looking for renewable energy solutions that conserve resources and are also convenient. Valmont Solar tailor-made a solution for this Chilean installation to achieve both goals.” Matteo Demofonti, Business Line Manager, EMEA
The project, Campos del Sol in the northern Atacama region, will contain nearly 35,000 Convert 2-P Single-Axis Solar Trackers, generating 382 MWp. The region’s sunny climate makes it ideal for solar generation, but its isolation makes it challenging to establish a large solar field. Valmont expertise in engineering, manufacturing and supply chain logistics eased the entire process. We have been establishing relationships around the globe for 40 years, and we partner with customers through every step of implementation. Once fully operational, the plant is expected to generate about 1.16 GW of clean energy, enough to power 225,000 homes during peak times. At capacity, the 382-megawatt facility will generate enough energy per year to help slash annual carbon dioxide emissions by up to 900,000 metric tons — the same as taking nearly 200,000 cars off the road for a year! Valmont not only cuts CO2 emissions, we also add local jobs — more ways we are both conserving resources and improving life. Per the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, PV production facilities create about 20 jobs per megawatt. For the Campos del Sol project, that means about 19,000 new jobs in and around the Atacama region. For more than 75 years, Valmont has been committed to sustainability. Valmont solar energy solutions will continue to play an important role in conserving resources through the transition to a clean energy economy, as well as improving life around the globe by supporting local economic growth.
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