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Valmont and Convert join forces to bring a whole new energy to solar.
Convert + Valmont.
1 powerful partner.
The power of ConvertTM solar tracker technology with Valmont Solar’s bankability and global supply chain expertise is bringing a new energy to solar. Because everything that’s important in making your solar project a success is now even better. With 75+ years of financial stability. 80+ manufacturing locations worldwide. 15 years of proven tracker technology. And a singular commitment to renewable energy.
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Harness More Potential with Convert Solar TrackersTM
Our Convert single-axis solar trackers are the most flexible and reliable in the business. In fact, they’ve been proven for over 15 years in the field. They have a durable and simple build making them some of the fastest to install in the market. The shorter rows allow for greater layout density and stability across complex terrain. What’s more, our trackers give you system production increases of up to 25% compared to fixed-tilt systems. Combined with our global strategic supply chain acumen and best-in-class price stability you’ll have one powerful partner.
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Convert Trackers by the Numbers

countries with Convert Tracker installations


years of performance in the field

.5 GW

of installed capacity on Convert Trackers


company that can deliver a fully integrated solution

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At Valmont, we’re with you and your project for the long haul—with the most durable, expertly engineered products with complete services and solutions to support them. And our extensive supply chain expertise means you can really count on us to deliver. We get to know you and your business and like a great partner, anticipate your needs over time. So you’ll have greater peace of mind and more time to think about growing your business.

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The Future is on Track.
Like you, Valmont Solar is committed to renewable energy through our solar tracker solutions. And we have the global team and financial and technical resources to truly deliver. Our stability is your project’s stability. And it’s all to contribute to your triple bottom line; planet, people, and profit. Now that’s sustainability. That’s the value we add.
Your Global Partner.
We can provide personal service and solve unique local challenges no matter where in the world you need us. Scroll through some of our projects and you’ll see how we get the job done.


Zambia - NGONIE


Egypt - ARC


Argentina - IGLESIA

Zambia - NGONIE

Italy - SCERNI

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Valmont has been establishing relationships with utilities, financiers, engineering firms and EPCs around the globe for decades. We have a track record as an industry leader in power transmission and distribution towers, substations and components. With generation capabilities, we now supply complete grid hardening solutions for major utilities across North America. Big or small, when you partner with Valmont Solar our engineering know-how, manufacturing experience and logistical expertise result in a highly sustainable experience.
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